Top 10 Frequently asked Sports betting questions for Beginners

Is online sports betting legal in Malaysia? Can I earn real money from sports betting? What are odds? Is free bet really available? Answer 10 regular questions!

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If you have any queries about sports betting, we are here to answer them. We’ve compiled a list of 10 frequently asked sports betting questions. Start reading to find a solution to your queries.

#1. Is online sports betting legal in Malaysia?

All forms of gambling are prohibited in Malaysia. Casino gambling, sports betting, poker, lotteries, and other types of wagering are not permitted.

  • Given Malaysia’s tight rules and culture, you may suspect that few individuals would gamble on sports online.
  • However, many individuals here choose to gamble at offshore betting sites.
  • If you wanna enjoy sports betting then look for website like W88 that are licensed and allow Malaysians to gamble online.

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#2. Is it possible to win real money from sports betting?

It is 100% real that you may profit from sports betting. However, we must be clear that becoming profitable while betting on sports is no cakewalk. Learn how betting works in sports and start betting on sports events at W88 Malaysia.

  • Expert sports bettors, even the most seasoned, lose money on a regular basis.
  • What matters is that you construct your sports betting and bankroll plan so that you have the highest possibility of making money in your sports betting profession over time.

#3. Is free bet really available?

In sports betting, free bets, sometimes known as bonuses, are commonly coupled with deposits.

  • The prevalence of free bets is only available when you make your 1st deposit at that particular sportsbook.
  • W88, for example, offers an RM30 free play with a few conditions. Learn more about W88 promotions to claim now.

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#4. What sports should I bet on?

If you’re freshly new to sports betting, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. Along with the popular sports make sure to bet at the best sites for sports betting in Malaysia.

  • One thing to keep in mind is, to go for the sport that you like and have the basic knowledge to wager on.
  • Sports like football, tennis, cricket are the most popular ones when it comes to W88 Malaysia.

#5. What kind of bets are available?

Depending on the interests & gaming practices, players can place a variety of bets. A wager on the winner of a game, league, toss winner are some of the simplest fundamental bets.

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#6. How much money should I wager as a beginner?

When it comes to sports betting, one of the most often asked questions by newcomers is how much money they should risk when placing a wager.

  • The amount of money you should risk may differ from that of another individual placing the same bet.
  • The most important thing you should do is create a bankroll management strategy to avoid huge lose.

#7. Do I need to be an expert in sports betting?

Definitely No. Anybody, regardless of their sports knowledge, may wager on sports.

  • However, the more knowledge you have about the sports you’re betting on, the easier it will be for you to determine what bets are ideal for you at any particular time.
  • Don’t allow your lack of experience with sports betting to prevent you from trying it out.

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#8. What are odds? Why do they keep varying?

Odds are nothing but your potential winning. So if you wager on a bet then you get bet amt*odds as a return if you win the bet. Get a detailed explanation of how odds work in sports betting at W88 Malaysia.

  • When a large number of people bet on one team or person, the odds may be adjusted to entice people to bet on the other.
  • So the odds keep varying depending on the game and also the bets being wagered by players.

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#9. How to enhance sports betting skills?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran when it comes to sports betting, there’s always an opportunity for growth.

  • The reply to this question will be based on your present level of expertise.
  • Check out the best tips and tricks at the sportsbook that we’ve assembled to help gamblers like you improve their betting skills.

#10. Can I wager on live matches?

The world of sports betting is not only increasing but also developing these days. The ability to place real-time bets while watching the game progress is one of its most popular features.

  • This is referred to as Live Betting, often referred to as In-Play Betting or In-Game Betting.
  • Essentially, you may gamble on a variety of different things at any time throughout the game.


Are you ready for the challenge? Hope these 10 beginners sports betting questions cleared most of your doubts. Take a look at the best sports betting games available at W88 Malaysia and get ready to begin the action. We can’t guarantee that we’ll make you into a successful sports bettor, but we can guarantee that we’ll give you a battling opportunity.

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