Keno vs Bingo online: Which is the best pick for Malaysians?

Do you think keno and bingo are the same? Well, they are not! We’ve revealed everything about Keno vs bingo in this article. Discover the best one for Malaysia!

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Keno and Bingo are 2 of the most popular lottery-style games available at online casinos today. Both games are based on chance and have basic rules. They are both suitable for novices or inexperienced players because they do not necessitate any specific talent or strategy.

Overview of Keno vs Bingo

On the shell, these 2 games appear to be identical since they are both played using numbered balls. These are, however, 2 distinct games, and are not a variation of the other. Keep yourself updated with the latest tips and tricks and enjoy gambling.





Pick 1 to 20 numbers & bet on them.Purchase ticket & match drawn numbers on it.

Minimum bet

RM 1RM 4

Game pace

Fast paceSlow





That was an overview of keno vs bingo. Further in this article, we shall compare & contrast Keno vs Bingo. You will understand the differences between these 2 games & also discover which is the best. So stay with us till the end!

Introduction to Keno vs Bingo

Keno players select numbers from a field of 1 to 80, choose between 1 and 20 numbers, then mark them on the table or cards. Punters can mix and match their bets and use their chosen numbers in multiple games. Click on how to play w88 keno to get a detailed guideline.

w88 - keno vs bingo-02

  • Then after the time limit is over, 20 random numbers get generated.
  • The maximum numbers you match, the more will be your payout.
  • Some casinos even offer features like side bets that include big, small, up, down to add more thrill to the game.
  • Do implement best keno tricks and tips to win more.

Bingo players, on the other hand, buy cards with numbers printed on them. They’re only valid for a single session and aren’t selected by the gamer.

w88 - keno vs bingo-01

  • You need to cut off the numbers drawn and check if there is a top line, bottom line, corners, full house, or any other. You get prizes accordingly.
  • Some online platforms, however, allow you to transfer tickets, but not individual numbers. Except for the price of the cards, there are no bets.
  • Although the value of the bet cannot be changed, players can choose to buy more or fewer game cards, as well as play in more or less expensive rooms.

Keno vs Bingo – Similarities

The technique of drawing numbers is one of the key reasons why these 2 games appear to be so similar. In both, numbered balls are expelled at random from a machine. The gamblers must then match them on the tickets, but this is when the variances begin.

  • The only significant similarities between the 2 online games are that they all include numbers, employ numbered cards/tickets, and reward participants when their numbers ‘come up.’
  • Keno and Bingo both use a system that generates random numbers to generate numbers.
  • To win, players must match these numbers on their individual cards.

Keno vs Bingo – Differences

Well, that was about similarities, let’s come to the important part. What’s the difference? Here’s a list of the primary distinctions we’ve discussed so far, as well as a few more small variations between keno vs bingo.

Sr No




Player can pick their own numbersPlayers can only tick the drawn numbers.


Player need not pick a fixed amount of numbers.Players don’t get to choose numbers of their choice.


Player get the freedom to change their stake.Players can set a bet limit at the beginning of each round.


Player can bet on the same numbers over and over.No chance of numbers getting repeated.


Keno is less of a social game.Bingo is played with a group of friends.


Player can alter payout potential by raising stakePlyers cannot change stake in between.


Keno games are much faster.Slow-paced game.

Final thought on Keno vs Bingo – Keno is the best!

Now that we’ve compared and contrasted these 2 highly entertaining online games? Why not try keno at W88 Malaysia the next time you’re considering playing online.

w88 - keno vs bingo-04

Some people favor bingo over other games because the rules are more straightforward. Keno, on the other hand, can offer enticing cash prizes and is more fast-paced, so it might bring some excitement and variation to your online gaming experience.


In this Keno vs Bingo article, we found that both Keno and Bingo are still extremely popular games in most casinos across the world. These games appear to be fundamentally identical, but they are vastly different. In short, Keno provides the player with more flexibility and alternatives than bingo, but bingo brings more fun because the games stay longer and include chat rooms and side games. However, both games are a lot of fun, so give keno a shot and see if it fits your style of play. It could be a great change from time to time.

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