5 Popular variations of baccarat beginners mostly skipped

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W88 Baccarat is a classic casino table game that has been around for a long time. As a result, many gamblers do not consider baccarat to have several variants. This game, on the other hand, has a number of diverse variations. The rules and side bets in each edition may differ.

Overview of 5 baccarat variations

Baccarat has a wider range of options than many gamblers believe. You may learn about several of the variations offered online but before that take a glance at the 5 popular variations of baccarat and its features in brief. Newbies may learn how to play w88 baccarat and then begin their baccarat adventure.

Mini Baccarat

Super 6Baccarat NCSpeed baccarat

7 seat baccarat

A maximum of 7 players can bet.Banker bets are paid even money.No commission on winning banker bet.A round last for max 27 seconds.Only 7 members can play.
Played on smaller tables with lower stakes


House edge on banker bet is 1.46%.Even payoff as shown that is 1:1.Fast moving & thrilling variation.Side bets like big small, pairs are available.
Only one croupier present in the table


Payout on banker is 50% on winning 6.RTP is around 96.38%RTP is around 98.94%Rules are similar to regular baccarat.

#1. Mini Baccarat

  • Game provider – Playtech
  • RTP – 97.83%
  • Min bet amount – RM 20

The most popular variation of this game is mini baccarat. It involves the dealer handling all of the action and not allowing players to the bank. This game has a small table that seats up to 7 gamers, as the name says.

w88- variations of baccarat-06

  • Because of the compact table and the fact that the dealer is in charge of everything, the game moves quickly.
  • In some circumstances, mini baccarat tables might see up to 200 hands per hour.
  • Mini baccarat is popular among gamblers because of its simplicity and fast-paced action.
  • They don’t have to do anything but pick outcomes and place wagers.
  • For a detailed explanation, visit baccarat rules and master the gameplay.

#2. Super 6 baccarat

  • Game provider – Ezugi
  • RTP – 98.54%
  • Min bet amount – RM 50

The distinction between baccarat and super 6 is the payment structure, not the rules. A variation in which winning banker bets are paid even money (rather than 95%), except when the banker wins with 6, in this case, the wager is only paid 50%.

w88- variations of baccarat-04

  • Under Super 6, the house edge on a banker bet is 1.46%, compared to 1.058% in conventional commission baccarat.
  • This equates to a 17.45% increase in commission to 5.87%.
  • Approximately 5 times out of every eight-deck shoe, the banker wins with a 6.

#3. Speed baccarat

  • Game provider – Playtech
  • RTP – 98.94%
  • Min bet amount – RM 20

Live Speed Baccarat is a lightning-fast version of our traditional Baccarat game and its variants for players looking for the most betting options and excitement in their gaming sessions.

w88- variations of baccarat-02

  • A standard round of Baccarat lasts 48 seconds, but Live Speed Baccarat moves at a far faster pace.
  • Each game round is completed in a suspense-filled 27 seconds, with cards dealt face-up and results time-limited to a minimum.

#4. Baccarat NC

  • Game provider – Playtech
  • RTP – 96.38%
  • Min bet amount – RM 20

Baccarat NC is for the savvy player who doesn’t want to pay the customary 5% commission on winning Banker bets in most versions.

w88- variations of baccarat-03

  • It doesn’t help that this commission has a knock-on effect, compromising some rewards and leaving the gamer shortchanged.
  • Where the even payoff is shown on the paytable as 1:1, the player actually receives 0.95:1!
  • You may also implement best 5 baccarat tricks and tips to improve your odds of winning at W88.

#5. 7 seat baccarat

  • Game provider – Playtech
  • RTP – 98.78%
  • Min bet amount – RM 100

Baccarat 7 Seat is a simple form of the game with a limited number of seats and a regular payoff table. The interface is typical of Playtech games, and you’ll notice that seat 4 is not included, as this number is said to bring bad luck.

w88- variations of baccarat-01

  • Aside from the primary bets, players can try their luck with Player Pair, Banker Pair, Perfect Pair, Either Pair, Big or Small in Live Baccarat 7 Seat, which follows Playtech’s side bets heritage.

3 Other variations of baccarat available at W88

You might have your own thoughts on which of these baccarat variants is the best. Mini baccarat, on the other hand, is the most popular game on live casino floors. Below are the other variations of baccarat available at W88.

  1. Squeeze baccarat
  2. VIP baccarat
  3. Fashion TV baccarat

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In contrast to American Baccarat, these 5 variations of baccarat all feature major or minor differences. All 5 games have varying levels of popularity and difficulty, but one thing is certain: players you will have the best possible gaming experience. The games all work with changing bets and players from all around the world, bringing the classic game of baccarat up to date!

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