EPL 20/21 resumes Matchweek 5 after Oct International Break

The international one-week break given for the football players this October was already done! English Premier League is now back to the game this week, starting tomorrow, October 16 of 2020.

EPL 20/21 resumes Matchweek 5 after Oct International Break

What are international breaks? International breaks mean no games will be played in that matchweek. This gives an opportunity for international football players to report to their national teams for a week.

This intl break for a week happens across the world and all throughout the week. Such breaks are said to be preparations for international cups like the World Cup in 2022 as well.

The international break that happened this October is just one of the four weeks in the entire season. There are two international breaks left—one in November 2020 and another in March 2021.

EPL 20/21 resumes Matchweek 5 after Oct International Break

Although the novel coronavirus crisis of 2019 (until now) has affected everyone in the world, even the international football calendar, EPL and UEFA games were still pushed through this year 2020.

And with that, it was decided that international breaks for football players would happen this October and November 2020 which would feature three matches. Yes, three matches instead of just two!

In the next international break happening on November 11th, football enthusiasts could view friendly matches and the unique round of games in the UEFA Nations League.

This is along with the rescheduled layoff matches for Euro 2020 qualifying. This would not just bring a banging end to the international football gaming in 2020, but would surely be games to remember in history.

EPL 20/21 resumes Matchweek 5 after Oct International Break

With these international breaks, fans must have surely missed their favorite leagues because no one in the European teams played even one game in a week.

And now that the International Breaks in European Soccer Season 2021-2021 is done for now, we gotta resume watching EPL’s tournaments again! 

View this list to catch the schedule of your most beloved EPL team for Matchweek 5!

October 17 (Saturday)

  • Everton vs Liverpool – 12:30 
  • Chelsea vs Southampton – 15:00
  • Manchester City vs Arsenal – 17:30
  • Newcastle United vs Manchester United – 20:00

October 18 (Sunday)

  • Sheffield United vs Fulham – 12:00
  • Crystal Palace vs Brighton & Hove Albion – 14:00
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs West Ham United – 16:30
  • Leicester City vs Aston Villa – 19:15

October 19 (Monday)

  • West Bromwich Albion vs Burnley – 17:30
  • Leeds United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers – 20:00

Note that these time schedules are from the official Premier League website, so it might be in the UK timezone. With that, adjust your time according to your location to watch your fave PL teams live again!

The game has started again! Let us see what will happen in the next matches! Oh, so exciting!

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