Strange Laws Around the World

There is no doubt that no one is above the law. This even applies to laws that come out quite strict, abrupt or even absurd in some circumstances. The following are laws that actually exist in several parts of the world. Although they mean well and have good intentions for the people, it’s hard not to question the validity of some of these laws. Let’s take a look, shall we?

10 Peculiar Laws Up to Date

1. Florida: It’s considered illegal to fart in public past 6:00 PM on a Thursday.

8 Strange Laws Around the World

This is beyond absurd because it’s not like we have 100% control over our bodily functions. Florida may be very considerate with its local folks but I think they should cut those naturally gassy people some slack. Hey! Not everyone eats beans for lunch.

2. Japan: No one can be Fat.

8 Strange Laws Around the World 2

This law is quite hard to follow especially if you consume sushi 24/7. Japan is filled with heavy rice meals that is bound to make you gain some weight. This law is strictly observed since there are certain waist lines men and women have to keep. Men’s waistlines must not exceed 33.5 inches and women must maintain 35.4 inches or below for their waistlines. What a way to avoid obesity…

3. Thailand: Stepping on Money is illegal.

8 Strange Laws Around the World 3

Imagine how big coincidence and chance plays in this situation. What if we accidentally stepped on a dollar? Does that count? It’s not Thai Baht though. This law is quite tricky to slide out of if you a law enforcement officer is right around the corner. Keep your money where it belongs! Your wallet.

4. France: It’s illegal to name a pig Napoleon.


The beloved and almighty Napoleon Bonaparte must not be remembered through the existence of a pig. It is considered illegal in France to do this and to be quite frank, it’s oddly unnecessary. So the next time you plan to own a pig, let’s just stick to calling it Babe or Wilbur.

5. Switzerland: Toilet flushing is illegal past 10:00 PM.

8 Strange Laws Around the World 5

This law may be absurd and threatening to proper bowel movements. I guess anyone living in Switzerland shouldn’t eat heavy and filling dinners to avoid making a ruckus later on. I guess it’s time to cut down on those cheese fondue platter, since dairy is quite the toilet trigger.

6. Samoa: It is against the law to forget the wife’s birthday.

 8 Strange Laws Around the World 6

Let’s be honest, forgetting your wife’s birthday is already going to merit a punishment from your wife herself. Might as well make an effort to actually remember it than going to jail for forgetting.

7. Canada: Illegal themes in a comic book is automatically banned from publishing.

8 Strange Laws Around the World 7

Canada may be quite PG 13 when it comes to the kind of fiction they release to the public. This law is basically the point of all that madness, but since when did people forget how to separate fiction from realty? What a way to ruin the fun, Canada…

8. New York, USA: One must not honk their horn or they will be given a $350 fine.

 8 Strange Laws Around the World 8

This law is probably the most ironic one from the list. It is a universal truth that New York City is the city that never sleeps. With all the cabs and city lights that make the hustle and bustle of the city, the no honking rule is kind of useless, don’t you think?

9. Singapore: Chewing gum is contra ban and can cause you jail time.

8 Strange Laws Around the World 9

The selling and import of chewing gum is illegal in Singapore. It is said that a person can pay as much as $100,000 fine for chewing gum. 2 years of jail time is also possible for those found with them. Some chewing gum is allowed for meidcal purposes like nicotine gum for instance. So I guess candy is the best bet to carry around when traveling to Singapore.

10. Milan, Italy: Smiling at all times is a must under Italian Law. 

8 Strange Laws Around the World 10

People in Milan are mandated by law to smile at all times except during funerals and when visiting the hospital. The penalty for frowning would be a big fine on the violator’s part. I guess pretending to hide your emotions would be an advantage when living in Milan. As the song goes, smile though your heart is breaking, folks.

Being a law-abiding citizen is admired all around the world. It just becomes quite bizarre if everyone literally takes odd laws like those mentioned above way too seriously. Everyone should just practice basic human decency to make sure no one is stepping in anyone’s shoes.

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