12 Memes that Show the Struggles of Working from Home during a Lockdown

As the world continues to adapt to the “new normal”, companies are finding ways to stay productive and get deliverables met from home. This can be hard for people who enjoy having an office or a workspace to stay motivated and productive. However, despite the many articles, YouTube videos, and Instagram tips on how to stay productive, there are still many people failing to achieve a level of productivity when working from home. Below are some evidential memes that it indeed can be a struggle but can give you a chuckle here and there if you relate.

Lockdown Work from Home Scenarios: Expectation vs. Reality:

Pretending to at least be Productive

There’s a lot of adjustments people working from home are making due to the global pandemic. Despite the questionable arrangements they’ve had to make to get work done, it’s still good to remember that even if the venue isn’t ideal, it’s better than not having a job during a very uncertain time where other people are losing their sources of income. Staying productive can be tough when you’re working from home. Pushing yourself to at least do the minimum is an attainable challenge, everyone can learn how to do, all it takes is patience because let’s face it, we actually have all the time now to do so.

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