12 Memes on What a Netflix Addiction is Like

Streaming has now outranked various mediums of entertainment, with the digital space making more room for content, TV and film has switched to distributing their content online. Netflix is the leading streaming platform for shows, movies, documentaries, documentary series, and even concerts who have challenged video streaming kingpin, YouTube in the last few years.

Netflix has always been consistent when it comes to churning out new content for viewers who have quite the relationship with the streaming giant. While Friday nights are usually spent out a lot of millennials now choose to stay in to “binge-watch” their favorite shows on Netflix. Below are some relatable memes that describe the truth of maximizing your Netflix subscription to an unhealthy length.

Netflix and Chill?

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Kids on summer vacation these days

The alpha of the pact

When you doze off during the long dialogues…

Getting your parents to switch from cable…

When a miniseries is on and you can’t hit pause…

When socializing becomes a second option next to Netflix

That one show you just can’t seem to quit binging…

When Netflix started releasing interactive programming…

Teenagers who are guests to their parents Netflix subscription…

Feeling left out of the fun

When one movie you subscribed to watch isn’t even there

When the stress is in finding the movie than actually watching it

Netflix Fever

Finding something to watch has never been the same. Netflix has changed the landscape of streaming entertainment and has given the movie theaters and TV networks a run for its money. Making the most out of your Netflix subscription counts and being able to experience the rise of premium content while it’s still at the tip of your fingertips is an experience once should grab while it’s here.

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