11 Memes that Truly Depict the Reality of Home Quarantine during a Global Pandemic

As the whole world tries to slow down the outbreak of the 2020 global pandemic brought by COVID-19, home quarantines are slowly being implemented in many parts of the world. The West and the East have forced people to stay indoors to avoid the contamination of the coronavirus, which leaves many people wondering, what do people do at home to keep sane? Apart from doing work from home, there’s also a ton of other things people reveal about themselves while taking time to stay at home. Below are some memes that depict what’s happening in the world because of the coronavirus, see if you can relate, hmm?

Relatable memes on what the coronavirus has led people to:

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Get Comfortable with Staying in, Extroverts!

Those who are eager beavers to go out but cannot do so because of COVID-19, remember to just spend some time reflecting on yourself, but also being productive by doing chores, working out indoors, reading, catching up with that show, or playing those board games with your housemates. It couldn’t hurt to try pretending to be an introvert for a while, at least until everyone is safe from the notorious virus we call, “Rona.”

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