10 Memes that describe the struggles of wearing glasses

Having poor eyesight can be such a struggle and more often than not many people young or old both develop poor eyesight over time. This makes the need for prescription glasses a high demand wherever you go in the world. With technology and more screen time changing the way people live as smartphones continue to be a huge part of work and leisure, risking our eyesight is higher compared to centuries prior to where computers and mobile phones had no role in our day to day life.

The struggle lies in not just the site itself, but the way people with glasses are perceived. Stereotypes attached to people who wear glasses include “nerdy” or “smarty pants.” Despite such negative connotation attached to it, many people all over the world still prefer glasses over contact lenses, but below lies, some challenges people who wear glasses have to go through…

10 Struggles of What Wearing Glasses is Like

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The Gift of Eyesight

Regardless of how you look with or without glasses, your ability to see clearly is still the most important thing and that doesn’t change regardless of what people call you or label you. Don’t mind the bullies and nitpickers, wear what you like and what you need because in the end of the day, your eyesight and your needs are what matters most. Embrace the glasses if you please and experiment with frames, that’s always the most fun part anyways!

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