10 Memes on What Being Ghosted and Stood Up is like

Socializing and meeting people in your twenties or in your adulthood never gets easy. Going on dates and finding time to sit down with people you meet online isn’t a breeze either, but once you find someone fun to talk to and decide to make time and meet, things can get exciting. However, there are times when people are just making face and actually stand you up on a date. Below are 10 relatable memes on what being ditched or stood up feels like; never polite and missing in plain sight.

10 Relatable Memes on What Being Ditched and Stood Up is like

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Giving them the benefit of the doubt

Those who overanalyze the situation…

Those who are easily hurt and will probably cry about it for the rest of the night

Those who kind of knew it but will just go out to forget it all

Those who can’t get over what a waste the hot guy was a total ass after all

Every Cancerian who got stood up

Your best friend who got stood up on a date

Those who couldn’t be bothered…

Those who took it way too seriously

The desperate friend who would totally wait for the excuse…

Getting Ditched is Tough

Making time to date and meeting people require honest time and effort. Getting ready and looking cute takes some thought and energy as well. The basic etiquette of respecting people’s time and responding to their text messages has been quite tough for some people. It’s always nice and polite to let people know whether or not there are a change of plans ahead of time and not on the date itself. If you’ve been ditched, stood up, or ghosted, then move on and good riddance, better to have seen who the person really is, sooner than later.

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