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Baccarat in a land-based casino or online is not new to many players and gambling. It may seem difficult at first but the objective of the game is fairly simple, bettors can either bet on the banker, the player or the tie in order to get a value closest or equal to nine.

Basically, all the bettor has to do is choose where they prefer to bet. There is a live dealer who will control the reshuffling and distribution of the cards. The game is moderately easy to understand but there is no certain knowledge of who will definitely win.

Betting Big on Commission in W88 Baccarat

One of the many live casino games that w88 hosts are baccarat. After signing up, I was looking through the casino clubs in w88 for they have quite the selection to join in. This included Club W, Club W Premier, Club Massimo, and Club Palazzo.

Being new to online gaming and gambling, I chose the first and most accessible club which was Club W. Upon clicking “Play Now”, I was brought to the virtual lobby where I can choose which specific game I want to play and which table I want to seat in. Several tables have varying buy-in options. The minimum was 25-2000 with no commission, so I opted for the buy-in range from 50-2000 to proceed.

Player or Banker?

As I was directed to the main baccarat table, the live dealer appeared shuffling cards and laying out the player and banker’s cards. Most people commonly bet on the banker over the player, for it has been known to have better odds with a lower house edge of 1.06%. The banker charges at least 5% commission on every win. A 1:1 payout for every bet wagered on the banker applies.

A lot of players also avoid betting on the Tie because the house has a 14% edge on the players. In fact, most players consider the Tie null when it comes to their betting options.

When I made my first bet, I went with the banker as most players tend to and actually lost since the Player had a higher hand closer to nine. I then tried to bet in an alternating pattern with 25 minimum and won twice since I bet on the banker in an alternating pattern.

I’ve discovered that betting on the player or banker consecutively is not the most strategic way to win. The best you can do is to find the right pattern or strategy you can use when wagering. There is no exact way of knowing but with consistent practice and willfulness to play the game, you will soon figure out your flow.

W88 baccarat makes understanding the dynamics of the game easy. They also provide several tables to play on and even give pro gamblers multi-table tournaments to play on in the long run.

One other way to maximize every penny you used in a club is utmost worthy when you make use of promotions, bonuses, and rebates from w88. New members and returning loyal gamers are entitled to several promotions that will help kickstart or boost your chances of playing in w88 live casino.

Baccarat from Start to Finish at W88

Make your way into online gaming by playing on w88 live casino baccarat. There are several clubs you can opt to join and payouts you can choose from prior to betting. You don’t have to be the best right away, figure out your betting style and ensure you get the chance to withdraw all your winnings. Register for a W88 account now and see how baccarat can change your leisure game.

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