Play Like a Pro: Play Sicbo in W88 Live Casino

There is no doubting that when it comes to variety and accessibility, W88 takes the cake. W88 live casino holds a series of clubs that carry games from Baccarat to Sicbo among many others. Playing Sicbo in W88 can be learned in a matter of minutes.

The setup, along with the process boasts simplicity and flexibility throughout the duration of the game. This article aims to teach new players how to play Sicbo right from their desktop computers. If you’re a returning player and is familiar with the mechanics of playing Roulette, then this is a no-brainer for you.

Playing W88 Sicbo in Just 3 Steps

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STEP 1: Select Live Casino then Choose Your Club of Preference

The first step upon arriving at the main page is to select Live Casino followed by Club W. Click Play Now to proceed.

You will then be brought to a new tab where you are given the option to play with HTML or with Flash. Select HTML to proceed to the loading zone.

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STEP 2: Choose Your Prefered Betting Range

After loading, you will be directed to this page. Be sure to select Sicbo on the menu bar to see the available tables open where you can play.

Play like a Pro How to Play Sicbo in W88 2

When you choose your table of preference, you will see the Enter button in all caps on the lower right side. Upon clicking this, you will see the range of minimum and maximum bets which you can choose from.

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STEP 3: Start Betting and Playing Sicbo

Once you get access to the main table, you will see all the areas of the betting table you can bet on. From odd to even clusters and to pairs you wish to place your bets on, it’s all found on the table.

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Located on the lower left corner of the page is the settings icon. Settings management includes sound adjustments, funds transfer, payout adjustments among others. If you run out of money in your balance, immediate funds transfer is accessible by clicking the icon beside the settings icon.

The live pool is also available by clicking the third icon to the right of the settings icon. If you wish to put the game on hold, you may click the diskette icon to save the game.

Winning in Sicbo

Sicbo in itself is not hard to learn and is quite similar to other casino games like Roulette. You may place bets more than once and anywhere in the betting table. You may place your chips on small and big bets, combination bets, single, double, and triple bets. The dealer will give you 10 seconds to place your bets and confirm them before she rolls the dice.

Play like a Pro How to Play Sicbo in W88 5

Payouts for each bet differ variously depending on probability. The corresponding payouts are below the numbers on the Sicbo table.

Online Sicbo at W88

Playing Sicbo and other casino games is probably a past time many gamers and gamblers enjoy in a live casino. Although, many other players, especially leisure lovers who like to spend time at home enjoy playing Sicbo online. It is not only efficient and convenient for them, but it is also a huge relief on travel costs and expenses.

The ease of learning Sicbo is constant and can be easily taught to determined players at best. Familiarizing yourself with the dynamics of Roulette and other similar casino games will definitely help you understand Sicbo. With the ease of navigation of its options and use, W88 is sure to welcome returning players to another round of Sicbo, anytime and in no other place that W88.  

> Video tutorial on how to play sicbo at w88

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