15 Insane January 2024 memes every netizens can relate to!

How was your 1st month of the crisp new 2024? Well, it was definitely a month of mixture for many. Here’s a quick ride of 15 crazy January 2024 memes. Enjoy!

15 Funny January 2024 memes

We already have a feeling that 2024 will be a banner year for memes. We aren’t even halfway through the year, yet the memes are already pouring in. Keep scrolling to find the best 15 January 2024 memes & cast your vote on the meme of the month!

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After Mars chose to move their M&M characters into the 21st century, the Green M&M had her distinctive white go-go boots taken away from her, and the resulting memes were hilarious. You may also check out the best 2024 memes & share the best 2020 too memes with your buddies!



On January 6, the second season of Euphoria premiered, and with it came the memes. The ‘Euphoria High School’ meme is without a doubt the most amusing. It’s funny to see people re-enacting how the characters dress for school.




The United Kingdom is a complete disaster. As the country awaited Sue Gray’s report on the No. 10 lockdown parties, the internet created memes. Also, the Euphoria memes are here to stay. This time, it’s Maddy who delivers the famous line, “Bitch, you better be kidding.”






So, to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun, we’ve compiled a handy list of all the viral memes & jokes. And if you need a refresher on all of the previous year’s memes, check out our meme fest at Entertainment now!

January 2024 memes – Full of twist & turn

New year, new you, and, most importantly, new memes are all on the way. Our top January 2024 memes are made to be shared & enjoyed! Feel free to spread these January 2024 memes to your friends & family. In the form of memes & tweets, We hope they bring a little delight. It’s amazing what memes can achieve!

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