How does W88 keno work? Wager & win around RM1200 every day

Want to know how does W88 keno work? Well, we’ve revealed everything about W88 keno & it’s working. Read & begin playing keno at W88 Malaysia & win RM1200 daily

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Keno is a popular draw game for people who love to gamble and try their luck on numbers. The game is simpler than you ever imagined once your begin playing. Ever thought about how does keno work in real? No? Find out now!

Introduction to W88 Keno

W88 Keno is a casino game in which players must select 1 to 20 numbers from a table of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. It’s an easy game to play because all the players have to do is pick a group of numbers.


If the set of numbers you choose to match with the numbers displayed on the screen then you win. Super easy right? Pick numbers & wait for the results!

8 Features of W88 keno

Well, if you have already tried keno at W88 then you must be aware that it’s just not about picking numbers & betting on them. Keno at W88 is a lot more fun. Excited to play? Learn how to play W88 keno first & also go through the features of W88 keno mentioned below.


  1. Alternate betting options available: Big, small, odd, even, up, down & more.
  2. Keno varieties are available: Power keno, turbo keno, rapid keno & more.
  3. Players get 20 seconds to place their bets.
  4. Powered by best provider Gameplay Interactive.
  5. The minimum bet amount is RM5.
  6. Beginners can also try free W88 keno games.
  7. Multi-tabling up to 6 tables available.
  8. Provides best odds & payouts.

How does keno work

If you’re interested in online gambling, Keno is a game you should try. The majority of online Keno tables are organized into clusters, and you can choose which one you wish to gamble on.


  • Each table’s interface will display all of the available numbers on which you can bet.
  • Players can also specify the wagering level and the bet amount to be placed for specific combinations of numbers.
  • The online casino’s random number generator (RNG) draws the winning numbers after every 20 seconds.
  • To know more about RNG working, visit how does rng come to play in keno.
  • You will be paid depending on the numbers you matched correctly.
  • It’s usually a rule of thumb for bettors in live casino Keno games to keep track of the matches they’ve made.
  • The online game operator marks the corresponding numbers matched in online Keno.
    Online Keno also gives players instant results as well as the cash earned in each round.

4 Mistakes to avoid while playing keno

W88 keno is one of the most fast-paced & volatile games in the world of gambling. It’s also one of the most annoying when you are on a losing streak. Planning ahead of time is essential in this game, as it is in all other live casino games. As a result, below are the 4 silly mistakes to avoid while playing Keno to win smartly.


1. Do not follow the hype

  • Many online gambling sites try to persuade you that a specific string of numbers or the positions of certain numbers produces greater returns.
  • Don’t be fooled by the hype. Keno is known for having a larger than average house edge, which means the chances are stacked against you.
  • However, there are no hot & cold numbers, and following these rumors may lead you to spend more money than you anticipated.

2. Specify a loss limit

  • A loss limit, similar to a budget, might go a long way toward ensuring you discover the keno success you desire.
  • It’s important to remember how inconsistent the game is.
  • So setting a loss limit might save you from a financial crisis.
  • Don’t forget to implement the best keno tricks and tips for a better payout.

3. No big rolling

  • While gaming, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the roll.
  • Keno is a fun game to play in this aspect.
  • It’s vital to remember that keno is a game that should be played in small increments with quick payouts.

4. Look out for bonuses/ free games

  • As the core rule of gaming, this should be enshrined in stone.
  • If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash & spare time playing keno, you should offer yourself the best chance of winning.
  • Bonuses come in a variety of sizes & shapes, but the finest are usually free games.


Playing online keno at W88 Malaysia is the best way to make fast cash. It’s definitely not complex to choose numbers & wait for winning results, which is why most luck seekers tend to spend a lot on this game among other games. W88 Keno gives its players the chance to enhance their mastery in predicting, as well as their ability to analyze numerical patterns. If you wish to try your hand at number games like Keno, W88 is one game operator that holds both Keno and Lotto in their collection!

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