Sports Betting 101: What are Sport Books?

In the world of sports betting, Sportsbooks are a natural norm.  Whenever there are sports, expect that they are also in the picture. Sports Book is a place or company where people place bets (money) on sports such as Football, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing and many others to win. Sportsbooks are essential in betting and gambling. Without them, the industry of sports and wagering is all just a play by play routine.

The Main Idea of Casino Sports Books

Many casinos have sports books within their halls, but most of the sports gambling nowadays is done online. You can find many sportsbooks online that features sports events occurring live across the globe. Online sportsbook opens chances for gamblers to bet on their favorite teams and players on World Series, Tournaments, and even on colleges, too—in just a few clicks of their mouse or tap on their tablet.

Basic Terms to Know Before Sports Betting Online

Point Spreads

In a sports book betting, a BookMaker or Oddsmaker is the one who creates betting lines and as well as determined the odds and points of a game. These odds and points of a game are given to gamblers. Once the betting lines are created, gamblers are divided into two. The other half bets on one team of the game, while the other half bets on the other team. This is what you call the Points Spread.

A gambler can bet on his favorite team or player in one game or five or at once.

If a sportsbook receives 50 bets on a basketball team for $110 each but receives 50 bets on the other team for $330 each, the oddsmaker didn’t set a good point spread setting.

The way the betting odd around the world is different. American sites have their own system, while UK-based sportsbooks use a fractional odd. Usually, online casinos have a built-in sports bet calculator to help gamblers estimate their wagers, in a format your country is familiar with.

All winners and losers are determined by a final score to be announced. The idea is that you bet on your preferred team to win, but you can also bet on the other team. All you need in this sports gambling is to judge the final game result correctly. You must know first the specific guidelines of the game in which you are about to bet on.


Online casinos charge gamblers a 10$ to process their bets. It is what they call the “Juice”. It means that if you want to win 50$, you must bet 60$. If you win, your account will be rewarded with another 50$+10$ which equals to 120$. But if you lose, you will lose everything you have wagered.

But if you like to lessen the amount of money you like to risk, you can sign up with an online sportsbook that offers a lesser 5% of the “Juice.”. You can make savings this way by betting an even lesser amount and luckily winning half of your bet.


If your team didn’t win, you can rely on the game’s total. The total is a single wager for the total score of the game. It’s where you can bet without regarding who is the winner, but rather focus on the total score of the game.

For example, there’s Team A and Team B. The game has a Total wager of over 52 total points and you bet on that.  If the combined scores of two teams are greater than 52, you win. But if the game’s combined score is lesser than 52 is considered a loss. If the game’s scores are exactly 52, your bets will be a push (tie) or be refunded.

Betting on a Right Online Sports Book/Casino Company

Before hitting bet on a site’s icon, you must do a little background research on the company you are about to bet your money to. Your casino online should be in a stable status and had been recommended and by other gamblers throughout the years. Never sign up for an online casino account if you haven’t done enough research on the website’s services and products—it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Legal limits

Although Sports Books have been widely used and visited both online and on telecast games, the operation itself has multiple legal issues and restrictions to deal with. Whenever you decide to bet on your favorite team, make sure that your country deems online casino gambling legal in your domain.

Upgrade to Online Sportsbook at W88

Understanding Sports Book brought by w88 is simple but takes and time and effort to master. Through years of betting on these sportsbooks, you may enhance your betting skills and develop them into a professional level, keeping you financially well-assisted.

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