3 of the Most Questionable Fashion Trends of 2019

It is no surprise that fashion trends continue to change and revolutionize the fashion world. Many people actually have a hard time catching up with what’s in and what’s out with all the trends that continue to drive pop culture. However, there are some trends that leave us pondering on the question, “Is this really a thing?”

2019 has definitely come up with a few fashion statements that made many people invest in such ridicule. Let’s take a look at 3 of the most of fashion trends around the world.

3 Weird Fashion Trends to Hit the Retail

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1. Elf Boots

weird fashion trends 1The need for comfortable, trendy and functional boots is essential according to many fashion gurus. In Mexico, this statement is deterred by the elf boots. Not only is this daring piece of accessory purchased by many customers, specifically men, it is also bringing back the cowboy fashion. Elf boots may be striking and different from regular boots, but does it really fall under comfort and functionality with its unnecessary point tips.

2. The Facekini

weird fashion trends 2Several swimwear stores are always in trend when beach season hits. The revamping of swimsuits and bikinis, swimming trousers and trunks constantly occurs, especially in tropical countries. In China, however, the bikini season has changed by definition.

It is not a time to just wear a two-piece swimsuit or a Speedo. It’s a time to show off your facekini. Yes, you heard me, facekini is basically a face bikini combined. The facekini is solely self-explanatory, it’s a bikini to protect and cover your face from the sun. Sunblock isn’t enough for the Chinese, I guess…

3. The Eye Brow Wave

It is already human nature to never leave the house with your eyebrows undone according to plenty of makeup and beauty experts. The rise of bushy eyebrows has become a fashion and beauty trend that swept the nation 2 years ago. Eyebrow products and cosmetics have risen in demand and is now a staple purchase among many women.

weird fashion trends 32019 has a different take on the eyebrow game and this is due to the eyebrow wave phenomenon. The work many girls put on making their eyebrows perfect and well-aligned is hard enough, imagine perfecting the wavy brows every single day. The application process must take more than 15 minutes, that’s more than the standard makeup routine time.

Wanting to try the newest and latest in the fashion game is understandable, but it is also not a bad idea to stay away from some trends. The up and coming fashion trends that challenge the fashion industry are forthcoming. It is okay not to try all of them truth be told. So, a word to the wise, save your money on a trend that actually suits you and doesn’t make you question your purchasing power.

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