20 hilarious squid game memes – Will make you laugh out loud

Heard of squid game? Enjoy 20 collection of squid game memes that have taken over the internet. A popular K-Drama thriller series 2021 for epic memes & jokes.

20 Squid game memes – The series of thriller

With social media over flooding with squid game memes, we have collected the best 20 of them that will make you laugh out loud. Keep scrolling and keep laughing until your tummy hurts!

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Squid Game it is if you’ve ever wondered what the Hunger Games would be like if it were just made up of children’s games. Hundreds of Koreans accept to play the game because they are desperate for money and have no other options in the real world.

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The twisted thriller series focuses on 456 people in horrible debt who agree to engage in a kids game competition for a very substantial prize pool of about $53 million AUD. What is the problem? When the competitors first start the game, they have no idea that elimination from any of the six rounds will result in on the spot execution.

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Squid game memes – Full of fun & thrill

Over the course of 5 more exhausting rounds of playground games, 187 is reduced to one, and Gi-hun is awarded the reward. And, given that the series concludes with Gi-hun implying that he may return to the game in search of revenge, we may get a Season 2. But, in the meantime, hope you enjoy these best 20 Squid Game memes!

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