15 Funny omicron memes: Variant sparks netizens to new level

A new variant gave birth to new memes on the internet. With netizens getting crazy has triggered meme fest on social media. We have the best 15 omicron memes.

The World Health Organization (WHO) discovered a novel SARS-CoV-2 strain known as Omicron on November 26th 2021. In the COVID-19 pandemic tale, this is thought to be the next big thing.

15 Funny omicron memes – New variant new memes

People, nevertheless, find a way to laugh even in the most difficult times. W88you has compiled a list of the most humorous omicron memes and jokes currently circulating the Internet. Check them out below & keep laughing!

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While this new Omicron threat reawakens the mental anguish that we had only recently begun to let go of covid-19 memes, W88 Malaysia has opted to deal with it right away.  And the tactic we picked is one that we can all relate to creating a slew of funny omicron memes and jokes in response. This time, it’s mostly about the fact that many of us already have great plans for the future and are afraid of having to cancel them.

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All of these omicron memes were quite beneficial because instead of just sitting and feeling anxious, individuals were able to grin. Laughter is a proven stress reliever, and this isn’t a joke. For more such comic jokes visit Entertainment.

Hilarious omicron memes – Stay safe & keep laughing!

Though there isn’t much information regarding the new strain’s actual hazards & effects. This has shocked the world once again, and several countries have already begun tightening travel bans, with a few proclaiming lockdowns. A new wave of Omicron memes has swept the internet in an attempt to relieve worry through a light dose of fun. Hope we made you giggle a little in these hard times!

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