12 Ridiculous but Accurate Relationship Memes

Being in a relationship is a roller coaster ride as many couples tend to say. It’s great to have someone to run to when you need them and to genuinely love someone for who they are. It is also just as great to be loved for who you exactly are and all the other perks that come with it. There are times though that being in a long relationship can make the romance fade away, yet still keep the love alive still in the long run. Below are twelve memes couple who have been together for quite a long time can absolutely relate to.

12 Memes Couples Can Definitely Understand

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When you have a body language for using the toilet

That exhausting conversation trying to figure out where to eat

When you basically morph into each other

When shower sex is never the same for two people

That protective instinct never disappears

When your whole relationship is a literal gamble

The sense of disgust is completely gone

When all you know are each other’s pet names

Again, zero disgust zone

Staying with someone interesting in all angles

Going out becomes a useless option

When you’re literally a room apart and defecating becomes a hindrance

Relationship Goals

Believe it or not, despite how boring things can get in the long run, this is what many people strive for. Being with someone you love for so long never makes you stop getting butterflies in your stomach and every kiss is just like the first time.

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