10 Esports Tips and Tricks for betting: Earn RM1,000+ daily!

Earn RM1,000 on Esports bets using 10 beginner Esports Tips and Tricks crafted by experts! Learn to boost win rate with 99% accuracy, manage bankroll, and more!

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Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2, and many more Esports games have been increasing in popularity as top teams have been emerging to compete in some of the hottest esports tournaments. As a member of the W88 website, you can access and bet on these esports matches in the W88 sportsbooks, but to win big on every place you bet online, keep reading as here lay the secrets to earning RM1,000 and more on esports betting online. Use these 10 Esports tips and tricks crafted for beginners by professionals to increase your winning rate by 99% today!

esports tips and tricks revealed for rookies to win

1. Make use of Progressive betting systems to maintain your bankroll

  • First on the list of this esports tips and tricks list is to wager online with betting systems that are progressive in nature and those that work well with your bankroll.
  • Progressive betting systems require you to increase or decrease your wagering amount based on your wins and losses in the sportsbook.
  • However, when selecting a progressive betting strategy as one of your esports betting tips, you should be sure to choose one that is budget-friendly like the D’Alembert strategy.

2. Use the statistical data charts to make accurate betting decisions

  • The next and one of the most helpful esports betting tips is to make use of the statistical data charts available in sportsbooks like the W88 Sportsbook as this helps you make accurate betting decisions.
  • Using the statistical data charts, you can get information on the previous matches of the teams and easily understand which team is more likely to win than the other.
  • This is one of the most important esports tips and tricks that you should ensure you carry out before wagering on any of the esports matches online.

esports tips and tricks revealed for beginners to win big online

3. Wager with the Ladder system on the best teams for an entire league

  • With the statistical data charts as one of the esports tips and tricks, you can wager on entire leagues using the ladder progressive betting strategy.
  • The ladder system requires you to increase the betting stake to whatever amount you wish but only after you win a bet placed on the match, and maintain the same stakes after losing a match bet.
  • This way as one of your esports betting tips you can keep increasing the betting stakes on winning bets for entire leagues till you make it to the finals and bet big on the final match with even more accuracy.

4. Bet on Lower odds to win with more ease in the sportsbook

  • Another one of the helpful esports tips and tricks is to bet online on the betting options with lower betting odds as these help you win easily.
  • Lower betting odds pay less if the bet wins, but this is only because lower odds mean that there are fewer odds to defy, making this one of the best ways to win online easily.
  • So, as one of your esports betting tips, you should wager on lower odds to win more bets in small amounts with ease in the sportsbooks online.

5. Learn to observe Map 1 of matches where the odds aren’t clear

  • In continuation with the aforementioned esports tips and tricks, sometimes betting odds for the sub-betting options under a main bet could be almost the same with little to no difference between them.
  • In such cases, the live stream service on your betting site comes in handy as one of the best esports betting tips to win, since you can easily observe the live gameplay and bet with more accuracy on in-play bets.
  • For observations, making use of the Map 1 gameplay and betting from Map 2 onwards, can work as one of the best esports Tips and Tricks for beginners.

esports tips and tricks revealed for beginners to win

6. Make use of the Handicap betting conditions for better predictions

  • Another best way to tell which team is more likely to win the entire match is by making use of the handicap betting conditions as one of your esports tricks to win.
  • Handicap bets provide stronger teams with a handicap score and underdog teams with a headstart score in the sportsbook which is then calculated with the real match results.
  • This way you can easily notice which team is more likely to win since they will have the handicap score and the team more unlikely to win will have the headstart scores making it a great betting tips esports strategy for beginners.

7. Do not tie bets in a Parley system to avoid major losses

  • Now that you know what you should do as part of your betting tips esports strategies, we recommend avoiding something and that is tying bets up in a Parley system.
  • The Parley system is great for huge payouts but huge payouts mean that there are higher odds to defy, as here you must tie more than one betting option together as a single bet.
  • This means that all the bets tied together must win in their individual categories for the single Parley bet to win which isn’t one of the ideal esports tricks to go with as a beginner.

8. Stay updated on the esports world and important information

  • Although this is not one of the direct esports tricks to win big it comes in handy, especially for in-play esports betting online.
  • As one of your betting tips for esports strategy, you must stay updated on the information running around in the esports world as this helps you understand which team is better in the league and other important things.
  • This information includes new esports leagues, game rules, player exchange, team player addition, retirements, friendly matches, announcements, etc. that you must track to help make quick in-play decisions.

esports tips and tricks revealed by experts for rookies to win

9. Do not be biased towards a particular esports team in leagues

  • With what is said in the previous esports tricks to win, it is important to remember not to be biased towards particular team when betting on esports online.
  • If you have a favorite team, you should note that sometimes your favorites could be the stronger team for some matches but sometimes they may be the underdogs for other matches.
  • So, making betting decisions based on rationality and betting tips esports strategies can help you win more easily.

10. Claim Sportsbook promotional bonuses from your betting site

  • Lastly, as one of your esports tricks to win big instantly, you should be sure to opt in for any sportsbook bonuses that are offered by your online betting site.
  • The sportsbook bonuses usually come as new member bonuses that members can claim upon making their first deposit, and this instantly boosts your account wallet.
  • So, joining the W88 website as one of the betting tips esports strategies is a great way to spend little money from your own pockets as here you get up to RM1,088 sportsbook bonus that you can claim upon your first deposit in your new member account.

esports tips and tricks revealed by experts for beginners to win


These were the top 10 beginners Esports Tips and Tricks crafted for rookies to boost their winning rate significantly in no time! So, go ahead and join the W88 website today to access and bet on some of the hottest esports leagues in their sportsbook products starting at just RM5! Access and bet on Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and many more esports matches by claiming up to RM1,088 first deposit bonus as a new member – Hurry!

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