10 Strong Esports betting Strategies that keep pros winning!

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Esports betting is one of the most entertaining ways to spend leisure time because this form of betting not only lets you enjoy the thrills of betting but also provides you with action-packed gameplay. That being said, to ensure that Esports betting online always provides you with a great gaming session, we recommend using these 10 strong Esports betting strategies that keep pros always winning. All of the Esports betting strategy hacks here are beginner-friendly and can be applied to any Esports match you can find on betting sites like W88.

esports betting strategy tips that pros use to win always

1. Use betting systems on your bankroll to increase your profits

  • The first Esports betting strategy that you can use is an effective bankroll that works well with your bankroll to increase profits.
  • These betting systems can be progressive wherein you get instant gains by increasing and decreasing your wagering amount based on your wins and losses.
  • Non-progressive betting systems can also be used wherein you maintain the same betting stakes throughout your gameplay to gain over-time profits as one of your esports betting strategies.

2. Make use of the D’Alembert method for instant match-end gains

  • Progressive betting systems as one of your Esports betting strategies work like a charm if used right to gain instant match-end profits. However, these betting systems can be heavy on the wallet.
  • So, be sure to practice with simple progressive betting systems like the D’Alembert method wherein you increase your wager by one unit on losing a bet and decrease stakes by one unit on winning a bet to maintain the bankroll amount.
  • This method can be used to wager on entire Esports leagues as an effective Esports betting strategy to boost your account wallet in no time among other Esports Tips and Tricks.

esports betting strategies that pros use to win always

3. Wager with the Flat betting system to save max on your bankroll

  • When you are wagering with non-progressive betting systems as one of your Esports betting strategies, then we recommend using the flat betting system which can help you save maximum cash in your bankroll.
  • The Flat betting system can work for wagering on entire leagues wherein you must wager with the same betting stake amount for a given period of time, and once you notice an increment in your account wallet, increase the stakes slightly.
  • This way, when playing Esports Betting Malaysia, you can keep gaining over time profits in your bankroll as this can work well for bankroll management as one of your online Esports Betting strategy hacks.

4. Refer to statistical data charts before placing a wager

  • In online sportsbooks, you can find many helpful equipment that you can use as part of your Esports betting strategies and one such thing is the statistical data charts in the sportsbooks.
  • These charts provide you with the previous match information as statistical data that can help you make more accurate betting decisions for selecting a match winner, and other similar bets.
  • If these statistical data charts are not available in your online betting sportsbook then you can easily find them on the internet, but if not then use the below-mentioned esports betting strategy as an alternative.

10 esports betting strategies tips that pros use to win always

5. Wager on lower odds to win with more easy wins

  • Wagering on lower betting odds is the most powerful Esports betting strategy that you can apply in your gameplay online as these help you wager with more accuracy.
  • Lower odds are given to the teams with a good chance of winning based on statistical data from previous matches, and thus they have fewer odds to defy.
  • So, if you wish to wager and win easily then you can wager on the betting options with lower odds as part of your Esports betting strategies and keep winning in smaller amounts to gain huge overall profits.

6. Be sure to place more bets from Map 2 onwards

  • When you wager on Esports matches using Esports betting strategies, you can maximize your prediction rate but observation still plays an important role in placing even more accurate bets.
  • So, the next Esports strategy to win is to place more bets from Map 2 onwards, as you must use Map 1 gameplays for observation on how the teams play.
  • Lower odds are predictions made to derive which team has a better chance of winning and not which team is guaranteed to win, and thus real match gameplays alter these odds accordingly. Thus, observation of Map 1 can tell you how much these odds change helping you make accurate betting predictions for sure.

esports betting strategy tricks that pros use to win always

7. Do not tie bets in a Parley setting, wager on individual bets

  • The next Esports strategy for beginners requires you to avoid something and that is Parley betting, as this could be damaging to your bankroll.
  • Parley bets require you to tie more than one bet in the sportsbook and therefore all the odds in these individual bets create one single bet with higher odds, which is indeed beneficial to boost the account wallet.
  • However, all of the individual bets must win in their individual aspects for the Parley bet to win, which explains the higher odds it must defy. Since higher odds pay more you have to take more risk which is not worth it as an effective Esports betting strategy.

8. Always check team forecasts and updates before in-play betting

  • When it comes to selecting Esports betting strategies it is important to understand that there other aspects of esports outside the sportsbook that help in making accurate bets.
  • These aspects include Esports forecasts and updates, like equipment upgrades, team player additions, team player retirement, scandals, game updates, match rule updates, etc.
  • This helps boost your accurate betting decisions, especially the ones you make in-play from Map 2 onwards after observing Map 1 and going through whatever you know about the team, team player, game, etc., and is thus an effective Esports strategy.

esports betting strategy tips that pros use to win all the time

9. Avoid being biased towards a favorite team for tournaments

  • Another strong Esports strategy for betting is to avoid being biased towards any team, especially during tournaments.
  • It is important to note that your favorite team may be stronger than one team in a tournament, but in the same tournament, they can be the underdogs against another team.
  • So, excluding handicap bets, it is important that you acknowledge facts, teams’ stats, and betting odds before wagering or being biased toward a team as this rational decision is one of the esports betting strategy hacks that can help you win with more accuracy.

10. Be sure to claim sportsbook promotions to gain cashback profits

  • Esports betting strategies tips and tricks mentioned here can help you win effectively however, this takes about a month to show effects as you must practice using them first.
  • This means that you can easily lose betting stakes when you initially try these esports betting strategies as this stage can be considered as a trial and error round. So, to be sure that you avoid overspending during this stage, you must opt-in for sportsbook bonuses offered by your online betting site.
  • These sportsbook promotion offers, like the W88 Promotion of up to RM1,088, are usually given as new member bonuses on their first deposit that helps boost account wallet cash without spending a lot of money from your own pockets, making this an effective esports strategy to win big.

esports betting strategy hacks that pros use to win always


These were the 10 Esports Betting Strategies that work online most of the time and you can get results within a month of practicing. Be sure to use promotional offers on sportsbooks to practice all of the Esports betting strategies mentioned here today. Moreover, you can modify or add your own Esports strategy based on your convenience when betting online to boost your account wallet. That being said, for such Esports betting strategies, tips, tricks, tutorial guides, and pro insights keep visiting our website!

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